Brant & Bernhardt Property

Flaunt Maleny

Maleny IGA
Maleny IGA

Star Discount Chemist Maleny

B Unique Millinery

Healthy Homewares

Maleny Jewellers

Maleny Optical

Mapleton IGA

Business Directory – APEX

Business Directory – Maleny Commerce

Maleny Commerce Why Leave Town (WLT) Promotion

WLT Gift Card program is an EFTPOS based system aimed at keeping money within communities by encouraging people to shop locally. When a customer purchases a card and load up a sum of money the card  can then be used by the card holder to purchase goods in any participating store. Business owners, read more and register at the link.
List of Participating Stores


Services available at the Maleny Information Centre

Glasshouse Country & Maleny News

GC&M News is a community newspaper. It connects the communities and townships across Glasshouse Country and the Blackall Range. It is published online and in hard copy every second week. Collect your hard copy at the Maleny Visitor Information Centre.

Maps, Maps and More Maps

Call into the Maleny Visitor Information Center at 23 Maple Street for a range of maps, available free to visitors or some at a small cost.

Ticket Sales for the Maleny Film Society

Tickets for films screened by the Maleny Film Society at the Maleny Community Centre can be purchased at the Maleny Visitor Information Centre.

Services available in the Maleny Community

The River School
The River School Events

Bus Services – Glasshouse Country Coaches

Details here | Timetables here

JP Services in Maleny during the COVID-19 Period

The JP in the Community team is operating from the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre Monday – Friday from  9.30am – 12.30pm .

Maleny Post Office

Maleny Show Society

Sunshine Coast Council App

Sunshine Coast Council Mobile Library Service Timetable

Smart Living Society

Public Toilets in Maleny

Cultural Facilities and Activities




Sporting Facilities and Events






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